therapeutic school When an adolescent requires a therapeutic placement, Educational Resources Unlimited will use a multi-tiered evaluation process to assess the correct level of programming required. There are residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools and emotional growth schools that can offer the clinical supports and behavioral structure needed to effect change.

Residential Treatment Centers are often the most intensely clinical and offer specialized therapies such as DBT, equine, CBT, EMDR, as well as a milieu that is structured and provides 24/7 supervision. School is an integral part of the child’s experience and growth, but academics and the treatment plan are carefully interwoven. There is a heavy emphasis on family work and the length of stay is often driven by the child’s growth in working through the therapeutic goals that are benchmarked and assessed regularly and individually. The average length of stay is 9-12 months.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools are a logical next step from wilderness programs or residential treatment centers. They provide a structure and positive peer culture that supports a child’s academic, social and emotional growth so they may transition home or on to college. Therapeutic boarding schools run year-round accredited academic schools and offer rolling admission, making it possible for students to recover lost credits or time and get back on track to complete their high school curriculum. Many of the best therapeutic schools require “readiness for change” as a precursor to being accepted for admission. There is usually a strong emphasis on both the group/peer process as well as individual and family counseling. The average length of stay is 12-18 months.


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